The latest fad in the cannabis industry

With our love for marijuana comes a host of trends and fads that continue to make the industry more exciting. One of the latest fads is called ‘extraction’ – which is the process of extracting cannabinoids and other natural ingredients from marijuana plants. When done correctly, extraction creates a high-quality product, and is a good…
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When is it time to upgrade my trimmer?

You might be wondering when is the right time to replace your trimmer. This isn’t much of a surprise since your trimmer works for long periods of time and is bound to need a replacement at one point or another. One problem with a machine trimmer is that over time it can start damaging the…
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Press Release: CenturionPro releases smallest, most efficient cannabis trimmer in the world

(Vancouver, British Columbia)-(CenturionPro—May 9th, 2017) CenturionPro, a company that offers advanced cannabis trimming solutions, has released its highly anticipated Centurion Tabletop Pro – the smallest and most efficient tumble style trimmer in the world. Launching on June 1, 2017 and weighing only 35lbs, this impressive trimmer is the epitome of elegant engineering, running off just…
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