The CenturionPro Gladiator

Large Capacity Hopper
4Hp Blower
Easy to Clean
High Capacity Tumblers
4 horse power leaf collection with over 3000 CFM suction power!! Comes included with diverter
Largest hoppers in the industry for added convenience
Fully pressure washable. Clean in less than 20 minutes
32" in length, 6.5" Diameter, 16 gauage 304 stainless steel/Quantanium coated non stick tumbler!! Need we say more?

Industrial Capacity

Unique to Centurion, We believe in having
our tumblers side by side not back to back to
prevent extended lengths of time that your 
product is traveling through the machine. 

Less Tumbler Travel, Less Agitation
= Better Quality

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Compact Design
120 LBS Per Hour
75,000 Cuts Per Minute
40% Greater Trichome Preservation
Powerful, but small enough to fit in the box of a small pick up truck.
We challenge you to a trim off with any similar sized machine the competition has to offer!
40% Greater thrichome preservation when using your non stick quantanium technology!
Cleanest Cut
2 x 21" - 11 Blade Toro cutting reels to provide maximum speed without jeopardizing quality, over 70,000 cuts per minute.
The Best quality, the Best Warranty and the best price! Say no More!

Product Warranty
Best Value
Customer Satisfaction Gaurantee
We stand behind the industries highest quality trimmers!!
We challenge you to a trim off with any similar sized machine the competition has to offer!
We stand behind the industries highest quality trimmers!



Our machines allow you to do both!

Hand Trimming
Quality of Trim
Low Maintenance

We Make Trimming Easy with Product Efficiency 

CenturionPro has built a positive reputation by providing the fastest, most effective and highest quality trimmers on the market today. Designed with elegant engineering, it's the craftsmanship, the reliability, and the ease of operation that separates us from the competition.  

Backed by a 5 year warranty, we have made a name for ourselves by providing farmers with the worlds fastest and most dependable machines.

We are aware of the problems associated with downtime and the importance of tight timelines when it comes to the harvesting process.  We got the knowledge, experience and technology to keep you up and running smoothly for decades to come. 

Trust us, we got your back!!