When is it time to upgrade my trimmer?

You might be wondering when is the right time to replace your trimmer. This isn’t much of a surprise since your trimmer works for long periods of time and is bound to need a replacement at one point or another.

One problem with a machine trimmer is that over time it can start damaging the cannabis buds – but this doesn’t always necessitate the need to replace the machine itself. Instead, your solution might be just sending it in to CenturionPro for servicing or a tune up.

But because CenturionPro is constantly improving its products and changing based on user feedback, our new products may have improved/added features that the old machines don’t have. In this case, an upgrade might be necessary.

You’ll also find that if your trimming business is thriving, you’ll begin to produce a bigger output, meaning you need to upgrade to a machine that can keep up. Since you’ll be profiting more, you can invest in larger units to fit your new needs.

If your old machine is looking a little worn-down or even rusted, that could be another indication that it’s time for an upgrade. Alternatively, you might just be ready for a sleeker, up-to-date look. Fortunately, CenturionPro offers an upgrade/trade program in which you receive money for the old machine so you can get a new one.

You’ll find that CenturionPro continuously improves its machines, big and small, so they work even better. Because of this, your best bet might be to invest in a new machine every couple of years to ensure your cannabis is being trimmed to the best quality possible.

CenturionPro also offers a rental program, which means you can upgrade to a new machine for yourself, then rent out your old machine so you can begin making money from it. In this case, CenturionPro will direct all calls to the user offering the rental.

If you’re unsure of whether you should upgrade your CenturionPro trimmer, think of it as upgrading your phone or TV. These industries grow quickly and sometime you need to upgrade your product in order to keep up.

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