Hemp & Cannabis Destemming Machines

CenturionPro Destemmers

Hemp & Cannabis Destemming Machines


HP refers to “High Performance” and represents our workhorse line of destemmers, which include single and triple workstation options. The high production value of these machines results in the industry’s highest destem rate per hour. The HP line utilizes two rollers that pull the stem into the machine, therefore popping the flowers off. This allows you to continuously feed the destemmer for more efficient destemming.

The single workstation can destem up to 175 lbs wet or 35 lbs dry per hour while the triple workstation can destem up to 500 lbs wet or 100 lbs dry per hour!


Hemp & Cannabis Destemming Machines


The brand new CenturionPro GC Destemmer is an operator-run destemming machine that requires the operator to apply gentle pressure to feed the stem in the machine. GC refers to “Gentle Cut” as we appreciate and understand how delicate your flowers are. Similar to scissors, this Destemmer cuts the flowers off the stem, as opposed to pulling and popping them. This cutting action prevents the large crown buds from breaking apart into smaller pieces, thereby keeping the complete structure of the buds fully intact preserving the look of your flower.

The single workstation can destem up to 40 lbs wet or 8 lbs dry per hour and the triple workstation can destem up to 120 lbs wet or 24 lbs dry per hour.

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Industrial Hemp & Cannabis Machine


The world’s first industrial scale destemming solution for commercial hemp and cannabis growers. Accommodating up to 16 operators this destemming goliath can destem up to 2400 lbs wet per hour. Combine with CenturionPro XL Trimmers to achieve the highest capacity harvesting system in the world!

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