The Latest Fad in the Industry – Cannabis Extraction

With our love for marijuana comes a host of trends and fads that continue to make the industry more exciting. The latest of which is ‘cannabis extraction’.

This is the process of mining cannabinoids and other ingredients from your flowers to use for further processing. Even if you have a strain with naturally high THC levels, you can ruin the end product with low-quality tools and improper processing practices. Therefore, this process is less about the strain of cannabis and more about how you grow, harvest and prepare it for sale. When done correctly, extraction will create a high-quality product.

This is where elite trimming machines come in. By choosing a high caliber machine, such as a CenturionPro trimmer, you will prevent many problems associated with ineffective extracts. While our trimmers make this extraction process easy, they don't skimp on the results. Thankfully all CenturionPro machines utilize a unique non-stick coating, which promises to keep your plants precious trichomes intact. This results in effective extraction and a quality product.

It is important to note that different strains of marijuana have different genetics. Therefore, some flowers will naturally have more THC and CBD than others. However, THC levels are irrelevant if you use a machine that disturbs the complex interaction of natural chemicals.

Buyer beware! A majority of machines on the market are known for damaging product as they lack these key features. Before you purchase a trimmer, consider every aspect for successful cannabis extraction. Unfortunately, many people devalue the importance of a quality machine to process their plant. An inferior system will lead to failure and damaged product; a quality trimmer will set you up for success.

CenturionPro utilizes an inner bag to filters the keif for use in oils and edibles. This makes it easy to get on board with cannabis extraction, the rising trend in the marijuana industry. Better yet, you can actually do it right.

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