CenturionPro Mini

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$6,895.00 (prices are listed in USD)

Wet and dry trimmer trims 10-12 lbs dry (50-60 lbs wet) per hour.  Replaces 15 human trimmers.

What type of tumbler should you choose?

Quantanium or Electropolish

  • Quantanium – Non-Stick, Coated Tumbler
  • Electropolish – Non-Coated, 304 Stainless Steel

Wet or Dry

  • Wet – You trim your product directly after pulling your plants down
  • Dry – You trim your product after drying and curing
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Don't be fooled by the name, The CenturionPro Mini is no small feat. This machine is one of the most sought after trimmers on the market today. As a miniaturized version of the CenturionPro Original, this machine still packs quite the punch!

With the anodized aluminum and stainless steel components, the Mini is lightweight and durable and you never have to worry about corrosion. It is perfect for small to medium-size operations with its ability to replace up to 15 human trimmers without sacrificing quality.

This machine works with both wet and dry flowers and will harvest 10-12lbs dry (50-60lbs wet) per hour of use. The Mini runs completely off a 120-volt power source and comes inclusive with a 1.5hp leaf collector system with 2000 CFM of suction power. Perhaps the most distinctive quality of The CenturionPro Mini is the 11 high quality blades which are more than double what the competitors offer.

Our Toro hardened steel cutting reel guarantees speed, precision and a consistently sharp cut every time. The magnetic blade holding technology promises a five minute clean-up during operation and a sharp, clean cut every time. This allows the machine to operate at a rapid pace of 25,000+ cuts per minute.

As with the Centurion Original, the Mini also employs our non-stick Quantanium coated tumbler. This component works hard to delicately handle your flowers, providing 40% greater trichome preservation than the competitor. This results in your flowers being visually more appealing with a strong, natural aroma and flavor unique to your strain. Overall, you will find you have a more potent bud due to the natural properties remaining in-tact.

With our covered extra large hopper, consistent feeding of the machine is easy as can be. Consider adding our automatic feeder to have your work finished hours earlier! This is a new addition to the CenturionPro Mini that allows it to run “hands free", therefore reducing the time to run your product by hours per day! Not to mention, freeing up one worker to perform other jobs.

Centurion Pro is the only brand of automated trimmers to supply a unique diverter. This allows the grower to quickly adjust depending on strain or density of the flowers by fine tuning the flow. The diverter allows the Mini to provide a tight, clean cut finish on your flowers while still maintaining a delicate touch throughout processing. Additionally, the Mini comes with our innovative double-bag system. This system makes it easy to separate trim and keif for future extraction - plus, it makes clean up easy!

The Centurion Pro Mini automated trimmer currently ships worldwide to growers who demand quality, durability, privacy and accountability. It also comes with its own high quality tool kit.

The Centurion Pro Mini has a 10 year warranty! 

Input Voltage: 6 Amp - 110V NA
Dimensions: 25" L x 10" W x 24" H
Weight: 65lbs
Tumbler Diameter: 6.25"
# of Tumblers: 1
Number of Replaced Workers: 15
Processing Capability: 10-12lbs dry or 50-60lbs wet
Cuts per Minutes:

Leaf Collector:
Input Voltage: 14 Amp - 110V NA
Dimensions: 19" L x 19" W x 16" H
Weight: 60lbs
Horse Power: 1.5 HP
Air Flow Capacity: 2000 CFM

Product Warranty: 10 years

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Manuals & Brochures

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Choose your tumbler

Electropolish Dry, Electropolish Wet, Quantanium Dry, Quantanium Wet


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Why does CenturionPro Solutions offer a better price than other competitors?

We believe in setting honest prices for our customers. We have the best trimmers in the world, and top-of-the-class quality control and manufacturing efficiencies. This results in legions of happy customers, which in return gives us the purchasing power to buy premium parts in wholesale quantities. We pass our saving back to you, our valued customers.

Are your machines built to industrial standard?

We do not compromise quality for cost savings. All CenturionPro® Solutions machines are composed of the highest quality materials available in North America and each machine is put through a comprehensive quality control inspection. Pioneering the industry since 1997, gives us an advantage that cannot be matched by any other competitor.

How easy is it to clean?

Our machines can be taken apart and cleaned within 10-15 minutes. 4 screws to remove the top cover, pressure wash the machine and then you’re good to go. Our QuanTanium coating is similar to a Teflon pan you would have at home which is even easier to clean. Just submerge in warm water, let soak and then wipe with a soft cloth. We recommend to clean every 4-6 hours of use, but it depends on your strain. We know the importance of down time during a harvest so we wanted to make this process extremely quick and easy.

What is the maintenance like?

We have 15 video tutorials on our website with how to fully service your machine. These step by step videos make it very easy to do everything that will be necessary to maintaining your machine. All parts can be ordered right through the website and will be delivered to you within days.

How long is the warranty?

We at CenturionPro Solutions offer a 5 year warranty with all of our machines. We only use the highest quality brand name parts sourced from North America in the build out of our machines. High quality components such as Baldor motors, Timken bearings and Toro cutting reels are some of the reasons why we offer the best warranty in the industry. Our machines are battle tested and have been put through the most rigorous “real life” conditions. As long as you follow the operational/maintenance instructions, your machine will not quit on you.

Do your machines trim wet or dry?

Our trimmers have the capability of doing both. We offer wet tumblers for wet trimming and dry tumblers for dry trimming. This is a major benefit because you can purchase one machine, with an additional tumbler and now you have the capability to trim wet or dry flowers. Our dry tumbler have a smaller cutting surface than the wet. If you were to run dry product through a wet tumbler, you would have excess loss of flowers. Keeping the yield high is the biggest advantage to having a specific tumbler for both methods of harvesting, wet or dry.

How long does shipping take?

Any order placed for shipping to the U.S. will reach its destination within 1 – 3 business days.   Orders placed within Canada and Overseas take roughly 3 – 6 business days.


CenturionPro® Solutions offers FREE, DISCRETE shipping to anywhere in North America on all purchases over $1000.

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you and we take it very seriously. All shipments are packed in unmarked boxes and tracking numbers are also provided for your safety.

All North American orders will reach their destination in 1-3 business days and anywhere else in the world in 3-6 business days.