Quantanium Dry Tumbler

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Standard Quantanium Dry Tumbler

CenturionPro Solutions is always introducing the latest in elite cannabis trimming technologies. The newest revolution is our standard Quantanium dry tumbler, suitable for The Original, the Silver Bullet and The Gladiator!

This sleek tumbler utilizes a non-stick coating, which not only assists with clean-up, but also preserves trichomes. In fact, this tumbler allows for 40% greater trichome preservation than the competition thanks to its non-stick properties and no need for a spray! In addition, the tumbler is resistant to damage due to the non-stick properties. Not only does it look superior, but its results are too. CenturionPro understands that time is money, which is why the Quantanium dry tumbler uses top-notch chrome and steel that surpasses the quality of cooking utensils.

Our standard Quantanium dry tumbler works best with dry material, versus wet flower. When used correctly, this technology ensures a precise cut with its design and our unrivaled blade. This dry bud tumbler not only reduces maintenance times but also maximizes overall production. This blade works with the tumbler to accomplish an exceptional machine-trim job. In addition, our design results in a precise cut for your marijuana buds, while reducing clean up time.

As trimming dry marijuana requires quality technology, the Quantanium tumbler is a great choice for the serious grower.

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Weight 7.4 lbs


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