Refurbished Trimmers

Refurbished Trimmers

We understand the large and small needs of gardeners. CenturionPro® Solutions offers customers the opportunity to trade-in any of their used CenturionPro® trimmers for a credit towards any new model of our CenturionPro® machines.”

Pre-owned CenturionPro models are refurbished back to almost brand-new condition with all of their critical components repaired and or replaced by our technicians. These refurbished trimmers go through rigorous quality control inspections and are then offered at discounted pricing with a 3 year warranty. Other than small cosmetic scratches to the body of the trimmer, they will essentially preform like new machines.

If you are interested in purchasing a refurbished pre-owned machine or would like to upgrade your old CenturionPro® to the new Gladiator model please contact us at 1-855-535-0558.

Certified Refurbishing

All certified preowned refurbished machines have been built & reconditioned by hand to the highest standards.

Benefits of owning a CenturionPro Certified Refurbished Machine

The CenturionPro® Certified Reconditioned Series delivers premium CenturionPro® quality at a discounted price, along with a lifetime of superior customer support. Our rigorous 56 point Certification process ensures you’re buying a machine which is operationally as good as new.


All CenturionPro® Certified Reconditioned machines come with a 3 year hassle free warranty.