I heard that these machines damage the product?

I heard that these machines damage the product?
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It is true that a lot of bad trimming machines came out and gave trimming machines in general a bad reputation. Poorly made machines can cause severe damage to the flowers during processing. Most of this damage is due to using stainless steel surfaces as the trichomes adhere to this surface and get stripped off the flowers. In addition, using a “non-stick” spray or lubricant on your tumblers is bad for the visual appearance, flavor and aroma of your flowers. Cheap blades that are uneven and dull will also cause tearing and damage.

Lastly, machines that require a lengthy processing time (meaning the flowers are in the tumbler for longer) will also cause a lot of damage to the bud. Manufacturers who recommend running machines back to back in tandem only creates the flower needing to travel twice the distance, causing twice the agitation which results in a more damaged flower with significant loss of trichomes.

Our main goal at CenturionPro Solutions is to RESTORE THE REPUTATION OF AUTOMATED TRIMMERS. Our machines are made with Toro cutting reels, the best reels you can buy. In addition, our optional non-stick Quantanium coated tumbler eliminates the issue of trichomes from sticking, and allows them to remain on the flower where they belong. Quality components and a smart design allow our machines to provide a finish that closely resembles hand trimming.

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