The New Legislation of Marijuana Laws in Canada

Upcoming legislation of marijuana laws in Canada will greatly differ from laws that currently exist. This legislation means new rules for growing marijuana in Canada and will allow more people to do so at home.

The Liberal Party announced marijuana legalized will occur on July 1, 2018. Consequently, big changes are on the horizon that will impact our ability to operate as growers within Canada. Within provinces themselves, politicians will have the right to decide how marijuana is distributed and sold. And that’s just the beginning.

The new legislation will put the federal government in control of Canada’s cannabis supply. Additionally, the federal government will stipulate availability, pricing and sales methods for cannabis.

One of the biggest decisions surrounding legalization of marijuana is to allow households to grow up to four plants each. As a result, tools, such as those produced by CenturionPro, can aid growers in harvesting their own marijuana successfully. This is an amazing milestone within the context of marijuana legalization. CenturionPro carries some of the best quality home bud trimmers & commercial bud trimmers on the market. The goal of which is to allow growers to produce bigger and better harvests than ever before.

Currently, Canadian medical marijuana patients can grow their own cannabis or have someone grow it for them. Assuming neither party has been convicted of a drug offence. Furthermore, the only requirement is to register with Health Canada and get approval prior to planting - as per the extended rules effective in 2016.

Anyone wanting to home-grow marijuana can benefit from a high-quality trimmer, which minimizes trimming and maintenance time. CenturionPro is leading the industry with the most advanced trimmers sold worldwide. Since each machine features our unique Toro steel blades and high-performance hoppers, they guarantee a clean cut and quality product.

CenturionPro currently offers The Tabletop Pro, The CenturionPro Mini, The Original CenturionPro, The Silver Bullet, and The Gladiator – all of which are excellent bud trimmers. Thanks to a superior design, these machines have revolutionized the way cannabis growers harvest, allowing them to produce better results with less effort. Also, we pride ourselves on offering a machine for every grower - from at home to commercial operations.

Anyone wanting to see their personal harvest succeed will have help via Canada’s new marijuana legislation coming July 2018. Purchase an advanced trimmer today to ensure you get the job done right.

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