Please find our at length collection of frequently asked questions below. The answers here should provide clarity on any concerns or curiosities you may have about purchasing, in addition to using a CenturionPro automated trimming machine. There is information on everything from cleaning to maintenance as well as rentals and financing outlined below. We believe equally in providing the necessary information to help our customers make an informed decision, as we do producing a quality machine. For this reason, we have done our best to cover each issue. With this in mind, if there is a question not addressed below please do not hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to clean?

Our machines can be taken apart and cleaned within 10-15 minutes. 4 screws to remove the top cover, pressure wash the machine and then you’re good to go. Our QuanTanium coating is similar to a Teflon pan you would have at home which is even easier to clean. Just submerge in warm water, let soak and then wipe with a soft cloth. We recommend to clean every 4-6 hours of use, but it depends on your strain. We know the importance of down time during a harvest so we wanted to make this process extremely quick and easy.

What is the maintenance like?

We have 15 video tutorials on our website with how to fully service your machine. These step by step videos make it very easy to do everything that will be necessary to maintaining your machine. All parts can be ordered right through the website and will be delivered to you within days.

I heard that these machines damage the product?

It is true that a lot of bad trimming machines came out and gave trimming machines in general a bad reputation. Poorly made machines can cause severe damage to the flowers during processing. Most of the damage comes from the stainless steel surfaces as the trichomes will just adhere to this surface and get stripped off the flowers. Spraying your tumblers with “Non-stick” lubricants is bad for the visual appearance, flavour and aroma of your flowers. Cheap blades that are uneven and dull will also cause tearing and damage. Machines that require a very lengthy processing time will also cause a lot of damage to your flowers.

Manufacturers who recommend running machines back to back in tandem only creates the flower needing to travel twice the distance, causing twice the agitation which results in a more damaged flower with significant loss of trichomes.

Our main goal here at CenturionPro Solutions is to RESTORE THE REPUTATION OF AUTOMATED TRIMMERS. Our machines are made with Toro cutting reels, the best reels you can buy. Our non-stick eliminates the trichomes from sticking and allows them to remain on the flower where they belong. Our machines will provide a finish that closely resembles hand trimming.

Do you offer rentals?

Yes, we do offer rentals from our head office in Vancouver BC. If you live outside of BC, please click the link to see a map of our rental locations. If you own a machine and would like to take advantage of our rental program, please give us a call and we will add you to our map.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We do offer interest free financing, upon credit approval. Please click here for more information. The financing process takes between 7-10 business days to complete.

How long is the warranty?

We at CenturionPro Solutions offer a 5 year warranty with all of our machines. We only use the highest quality brand name parts sourced from North America in the build out of our machines. High quality components such as Baldor motors, Timken bearings and Toro cutting reels are some of the reasons why we offer the best warranty in the industry. Our machines are battle tested and have been put through the most rigorous “real life” conditions. As long as you follow the operational/maintenance instructions, your machine will not quit on you.

Do your machines trim wet or dry?

Our trimmers have the capability of doing both. We offer wet tumblers for wet trimming and dry tumblers for dry trimming. This is a major benefit because you can purchase one machine, with an additional tumbler and now you have the capability to trim wet or dry flowers. Our dry tumbler have a smaller cutting surface than the wet. If you were to run dry product through a wet tumbler, you would have excess loss of flowers. Keeping the yield high is the biggest advantage to having a specific tumbler for both methods of harvesting, wet or dry.

How long does shipping take?

Any order placed for shipping to the U.S. will reach its destination within 1 – 3 business days.   Orders placed within Canada and Overseas take roughly 3 – 6 business days.

Are your machines built to an industrial standard?

We do not compromise quality for cost savings. All CenturionPro® Solutions machines are composed of the highest quality materials available in North America and each machine is put through a comprehensive quality control inspection. We only use brand name components in the build out of our machines which enables us to have the comfort in giving you a 5 year warranty. With proper maintenance these machines will last you well over a decade.

Why does CenturionPro® Solutions offer a better price than other competitors?

We believe in setting honest prices for our customers. We have the best trimmers in the world, and top-of-the-class quality control and manufacturing efficiencies. This results in legions of happy customers, which in return gives us the purchasing power to buy premium parts in wholesale quantities. We pass our saving back to you, our valued customers.