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A couple of my buddies and me went in together and bought a trimmer from Centurion. After 2 uses, we all bought our own. It saved us so much damn time, so much money and just took away all the stress. Like everyone we know, trimming absolutely blows. It’s the worst part of growing hands down. My machine personally can do all my trimming within an hour and then its done. It costs me nothing compared to the money I was spending before hiring my friends. Once im done I just take it apart, spray it down and its good to go for me next time. All of our machines are still running like new and saving us money. Time is money and that’s all we care about. They have the best trimmer… and I have been able to see a few others trimmers and they just don’t even come close. Every industry has knock offs but centurion has the original and the best.

Mike, 56, Rhode Island,

I have had my SilverBullet for 2 years now. It’s wicked, it has a blue tooth speaker that I pound my music on during trimmer and a silencer so I can actually hear it haha. I purchased it through DL and have just recently purchased my 2nd machine (the pro) through Centurion itself. I can’t rave enough about these machines. The quality, the trim and the machine itself is far better than I have ever seen. I have used a few other trimmers and they damaged my product. I purchased my 2nd machine with Centurion’s new Quantanium tumbler and it is a complete game changer. My sugars don’t stick to the tumbler, it doesn’t ruin anything and it’s even easier to clean. These guys are always coming out with new ways to make their trimmer better and I am always following them to see what’s next. Centurion is on top for a reason, they hands down have the absolute best trimmer out there. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next Cpro

Calvin, 32, California,

“I’ve been a grower for about 16 years and I spent all of that hand trimming and hiring trimmers. I finally was fed up with dealing with guys not showing up, pocketing my product and just sitting around collecting money wasting my time. After a bit of research online I came across Centurion’s video of their 9vs1 video and was blown away. It almost seemed fake or I thought it probably destroys the product. I called into Centurion and after talking to their staff, I decided to go ahead and purchase a Gladiator after some googling and looking into them. I received it a day later, which right off the bat was pretty good. It came right to my door and like a kid on Christmas I opened it up. The machine was better looking than I thought. I set it up all which was very easy and used it for about 8-9 hours. I had to call some of my buddies over to take a look because I knew they wouldn’t believe it and I wasn’t sure if I was seeing straight! This machine in a session trimmed approx 23.2lbs in an HOUR. It felt like I had hit the jack pot after 12 years of being a slave to the scissors. I called Centurion the next day to tell them how amazed I was and how happy I was with my purchase. I’m not a guy who writes reviews but I know how terrible trimming is and what a waste of time it is and I had to spread the word. If you’re thinking of spending the money on a trimmer, go with CenturionPro. “

Richard, 46, Michigan,

I used to use the T2. At half the weight, half the surface area to clean, and half the cost I wouldn't go back. The CenturionPro Mini is as fast and WAY easier to clean. Plus it fits in the back seat! Thank you CPROSolutions!